Did you say you want STRAWberries?

Did you say you want STRAWberries?

…Or a drinking straw?

We are now serving drinking straws by request only

It’s no secret, drinking straws have bigger headlines than some of the world’s latest events. If you are not up to speed, entire towns and/or places of business, are eliminating the use of drinking straws – the plastic kind.

Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin started in the Smoky Mountains National Park with our latest location built near one of South Carolina’s beautiful beaches. (The beach is gorgeous in Garden City. You need to visit the pier if you haven’t already!) Being in these majestic locations, it’s no surprise the state of the environment is always top of mind. We certainly want to play our role. Our sister locations Smoky Mountain Pancake House and Smoky’s Pancake Cabin will also be participating!

Therefore, we’ve made the decision and would love for you to play a part, too. Our usual practice is to serve your drinks with straws. We’re not going to hand them out anymore. But just ask and we will gladly honor the request!

Will this make a huge impact on the environment? Maybe not overnight, but we’d like to say that we are playing a part of the “think globally, act locally” concept. And maybe, just maybe you’ll see more changes in the future!

So just remember, if you need or want one, just ask!